b'Rebuilding International RelationshipsThe global pandemic led to many challenges, and the world of international education was affected significantly. As border restrictions eased, the Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) opened its doors and welcomed new students to our city and community through the International Student Program (ISP). In the 2021-2022 school year,the ISP was proud to welcome 220 students from 20 countries.The program provides students with engaging experiences that foster academic, personal, and social growth. The presence of international students in our schools provides an enriching experience for all and assists students and staff in preparingfor life in the global community of the future. International education relies on partners and agencies to ensure students can travel safely and meet their educational objectives. LRSD has been actively working with existing partners and welcoming new ones . Together, we havere-established strong bonds helping the ISP rebuild tonear pre-pandemic levels.In September 2022, LRSD will welcome close to 300 international students to our Kindergarten to Grade 12schools and more than 100 students to the Louis Riel Artsand Technology Centre. The ISP will also host students for a three-week summer school in July. Outbound student exchange programs with sister schools in eight countriesare in the planning stages for the spring of 2023. 46'