b"Policy Diversity, Equity, InclusionOn June 21, LRSD Board of Trustees adopted and Anti-Racism Services Policy ACH: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), whichstrengthens the divisions commitment to advancing equitable Operating Goals: opportunities for success for all students. The developmentand implementation of this policy is one of the operating 1Bring together students, staff, and families to goals of the divisions DEI and Anti-Racism Services. co-create initiatives to address issues of systemic racism in a proactive, capacity-building, and Policy ACH passed first reading in December before undergoingsystematic way extensive staff, student and community consultation led by the DEI and Anti-Racism Education Team.2 Develop and implement an Equity andAnti-Racism Policy and action planLessons learned from the process informed the developmentof the first draft of Policy GBA: Employment Systems: DEI which3 Develop and implement an on-goingoutlines the commitment to the identification and removalequity-based curriculum review process to of discriminatory and/or oppressive practices in all aspects ofemphasize decolonizationemployment. Policy GBA received first reading at the June 21 Public Board Meeting and is anticipated to move to second and4 Develop and implement a multi-year equity-third reading in the first half of the 2022-2023 school year. based professional learning plan focused on anti-racism/anti-oppression education, Listening to the voices of our community is an important steptrauma-informed practice, and the Truth and to ensuring these policies reflect the diverse perspectives acrossReconciliation Commission's Calls to Action the division, said Darcy Cormack, Assistant Superintendent of DEI and Anti-Racism Services. This collaborative process will5 Develop and implement an employment equity continue next school year and beyond as we work to addresspolicy and action plan issues of systemic racism in a proactive, capacity-building,and explicit way. 6 Continue to expand and improve equity-based outcome data collection and analysis Existing policies have also undergone review to better reflect LRSDs commitment to equity. This includes a policy series 7Effective June 2022, start an annual equity that specifically addresses learning materials. accountability reporting commitmentPolicy provides an added level of guidance and accountability8 Establish a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) to work that has been ongoing in LRSD for some time, saidand Anti-Racism Education Team (Office) to Louise Johnston, Chair of the LRSD Board of Trustees. I lookchampion the work of addressing issues of forward to the journey ahead as we continue to refine oursystemic racism in a proactive, capacity-building, commitment to DEI and Anti-Racism and take action to make and systematic way a change.LeadershipThroughout the 2021-2022 school year, the division intentionally focused on building school leaders capacityin the areas of Indigenous Education, DEI, and Anti-Racism.All school leaders participated in six mandatory learning sessions emphasizing decolonizing education through an Indigenous perspective. More information on this learning journey is shared in the pages ahead. Additionally, school leaders had the opportunity to participate in weekly readings, monthly article studies and a spring book study. Many took their learning back into their schools as we continue to work to increase the sense of belonging and challenge the systemic practices that work against our commitment to equity.23"