b'Learningfrom the LandIn the fall of 2020, Ninoshe (Aunty)Shirley Ewanchuk, member of the Learning Team, started the Manitou Akiing Land-Based Education Program. The goal is to offer Indigenous teachings to Human Ecology students and teachers while getting out of the classroom and onto the land. The program focuses on teachings from an ancient petroglyph which is interpreted as instructions to build, hunt, plant and harvest.In the 2021-2022 school year, Shirley completed a review of the Human Ecology curriculum for Indigenous content and worked toward the sequencing of teachings across grades and content areas. She worked closely with Heidi Forrester, Human Ecology Consultant, to further the work of Indigenous connections of Human Ecology to the Louis Riel School Divisions (LRSD)Multi-Year Strategic Plan and the Circle of Courage framework. This had a noticeable impact across the division. Julie Koch, teacher at Nelson McIntyre Collegiate, created and piloted a Circle of Courage rubric for Human Ecology courses. There were also several Circle of Courage placemat designs created for school kitchens. This past year, the Manitou Akiing Program was expanded from Windsor Park Collegiate (WPC) to Glenlawn Collegiate. Shirley worked with several Human Ecology teachers to promote engaging, hands-on learning experiences basedin Indigenous teachings. Textiles students at Glenlawn Collegiate learned about the history of beading and adornment which culminated in a beaded mittens project. Students explored the use of ribbon work clothing and made skirts and shirts. They headed out to Birds Hill Park to learn about natural plant dyes while working on an eco-printing project. Students also spent a half-dayin and around a tipi set up at the school and crafted dreamcatchers together. 44'