b'"We tried to create an environment that allowed the students With the support of school psychologist Colleen Prystenski, to be receptive to develop a sense of belonging in the group,the team learned about the power of thoughts and how they take risks, learn new skills, and become eager to experienceimpact feelings and behaviours. During a specific learning life, said Luanne Mounk, School Social Worker. This first groupsession with Colleen, the team worked on strategies for of studentswhen they are readywill become leaders inidentifying and reframing thoughts like Ill never be good next year\'s group and share their experiences."enough and everyone is going to get sick that drive negative thought patterns such as feelings of anxiety and stress.By embracing the lessons learned over the pandemic, engagingThe middle years team has also worked with Colleen to identify in inquiry about their local community needs, and focusing specific needs as shared by students through data collected on belonging and mastery as paths to well-being, the team from the OurSCHOOL Survey. The collaboration introduced at St. George School witnessed students thriving.resources that normalize and destigmatize emotions such as anxiety and stress while building the capacity to seek help and Exploring the Brain engage in healthy practices. By working toward meeting the needs of students during a global pandemic, the team identified at Victor Mager School dynamic resources that allowed for students independent exploration of their well-being, such as virtual classrooms for middle years and elementary wellness. From the beginning of the year, the team at Victor Mager School has been working toward keeping health, wellness,Victor Mager School also hosted a successful Wellness Day and well-being at the centre of all school goals and activities.in March. The event began as a collaborative planning effort Whether it be including wellness activities at every staff meetingshared amongst staff, school clinicians, divisional support and during professional development days, coming togetherteams, nurse health practitioners and students. Inspired by the for paint nights or celebrating accomplishments, the schooltheme of the Human Brain, the school community welcomed community is continuing to work toward creating a place ofMichael Champagne to help launch the big day. Wellness balance for all. Day provided a full day of experiences which promoted and supported students overall sense of wellness. Throughout the At the start of the year, students were asked importantday, students were involved in several joyful experiences and questions connected to their own sense of wellness usinglearned many strategies to support theirOurSCHOOL Survey. They also conducted a comprehensivehealth and well-being.wellness audit to collect important data identifying community needs and considerations for programming. The school teamAt the end of this important and engaging explored opportunities for students to participate in lessonsday, students took home personalized which support regulation, resiliency, and a growth mindsetwellness kits which included items through explorations of breathing techniques, mindfulconnected to the different activity movement, and strategies to support social-emotional learning.stations. The kits provided new ways to One example was the exploration of Automatic Negativestay connected, be active, and participate Thoughts (ANTs) and how they may impact the brain and in healthy activities with their loved ones the body. outside of school.39'