b'A Snapshot of LRSDs Budget | 2022-2023 $209,308,165 WHERE THE MONEY GOES(EXPENDITURES)85% $178,031,253Salaries & Benefits$31,276,91215% Supplies, Equipment &Contractual ServicesHOW EACH DOLLAR IS SPENTWHERE THE MONEY 56.3 20.5 10.5COMES FROMRegularStudent SupportOperations &(REVENUES) Instruction Services Maintenance4.4 2.7 2.6Instructional & OtherTransportation Divisional Support Services Administration47% $97,542,774 3% $6,271,900Provincial Government One-Time Incremental Cost Measure 2.2 0.849% $102,475,951 1% $3,017,540Fiscal Community Local Funding Other EducationSTRENGTHENING INVESTMENTS IN DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION A few highlights of new investments$526,575Community Kitchen $400,000 Full Day KindergartenAddressing food insecurity Adding 5 schools for a total of 9$236,000 Diversity, Equity,$159,633 Ojibwe Language ProgramInclusion & Anti-RacismAdding 3 staff for a total of 7 Departmental Budget team members13'