b"In Kristin McDonalds Family Studies class at Glenlawn Collegiate, students learned about clans and received Circle of Life turtle, eagle, and tipi teachings. The students also learned about birthing and the first year of life from Darlene Birch, an Indigenous midwife.In Foods and Nutrition, several classes headed outside to cook in the Glenlawn Collegiate schoolyard while learning about the history, migration, and seasonality of food. Students learned about harvesting, hunting and growing food as well as the legal right of Indigenous people to obtain food from the land.Shirley also taught students enrolled in high school Co op Programs in Human Ecology alongside Michele O'Dowd. Students learned about sacred seeds, headed outside for nature walks, and participated in a garden bee house project. The group also made turtle rattles and learned a song together. While the Manitou Akiing program is focused on Human Ecology, Shirley also collaborated with Grade 10 Geography teachers at WPC to create a sub-unit of Indigenous teachings for the Food from the Land portion of the curriculum. The unit was piloted in partnership with Tom Nyutten, Karen Ross and Maya Robbins and covers pre-settler, fur trade, and post fur-trade food activity from Indigenous People in Manitoba. Eachof the lessons is linked to the Ojibwe Seven Teachings. Shirley hosted several professional development sessionsfor Human Ecology teachers that included a day on the landat Birds Hill Park with several invited Knowledge Keepers.There were also various land-based days with Elders and Knowledge Keepers from Peguis First Nation who taught participants how to clean duck and geese, filet a fish andmake brain-tanned leather.We had so much fun with Our friends from Peguis First Nation were kind enough to teach us, even when they were in the midst of a flooding crisis the students during thesewithin their community, said Shirley. They are such generous, kind and knowledgeable people and I look forward to continue teachings. They are very building our relationship.talented textile artists. The Mantiou Akiing program will continue to expand into the 2022-2023 school year as Shirley develops additionalShirley Ewanchuk,member of the Learning Team Indigenous land-based lessons within the three areas of Human Ecology and work alongside the Geography team at WPC. 45"