b'GiniigaaniiminaanDecolonizing spaces and revitalizing Indigenous languages are important steps in moving toward reconciliation. Giniigaaniiminaan means What lies ahead in the future in Anishinaabemowin. The Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) is committed to a renewed relationship with Indigenous learners, families, staff and the broader community. That promise is reflected in our Multi-Year Strategic Plan. One example of that commitmentis the Giniigaaniiminaan program at Lavallee School which was designed to support specific students in Grades 4 to 8 with the intent of positively impacting attendance, engagement and academic achievement. Led by members of the Indigenous Education team,Learning Team and the Information Services Department,as well as Elders, school staff, family members and special guests, the Giniigaaniiminaan program is a true exampleof collaboration in LRSD. Every Thursday throughout the program, students participated in various activities that furthered their learning while connecting them with Indigenous teachings, stories, language, and culture. Students also spent time learning new tech-skills and exploring future educational and employment opportunities while creating a sense of belonging and spaceat the school. Helping the students involved with this program see their futures in a positive way has always been one of our main goals. When students cannot imagine their futures, they are not able to see the value inThe group started their learning journey by using technology school. This year we gave thisand learning traditional Indigenous understanding through Manito Ahbee Akithe first Minecraft teaching resource in the world that honours, celebrates and explores a Manitoba group a vision and hope of whatAnishinaabe community. could be. Students then spent time on the land exploring the teachingsin the great outdoors. This included snowshoeing, taking part in Manny Skead,member of the Indigenous Education team a Mtis Walking Tour at The Forks, heading out on a fishing trip, and exploring the Bois-des-Esprit urban forest which contains and program facilitator five different ecosystems. 32'