b'Retirement Gala &Years of Service CelebrationIn May, LRSD staff, trustees, and valued guests cametogether at the Fort Garry Hotel to celebrate three years of retirees and hundreds of combined years of accomplishments and memories. In total, 250 staffretired over the past three years80 from the2019-2020 school year, 89 from the 2020-2021school year and 81 from the 2021-2022 school year. In June, the division honoured three yearsof individuals celebrating 25 years of service or morein LRSD and its legacy divisions. A total of 174 staffhave been dedicating their time and talents to LRSDfor a quarter-century or more!Pride 2022The LRSD community kicked off Pride Week/Monthon May 26 by learning alongside student presentersin a division-wide assembly. LRSD also participated in the first Winnipeg Pride/Fiert Parade since the start of the pandemic on June 5.The division had a great representation of students,staff and community members.36'