b'A WheelieGood TimeA bike intensive program prioritizing parents and caregivers was underway in the spring of 2022 at the Louis Riel School Division\'s (LRSD) Ren Deleurme Centre (RDC). Supported by Canada Healthy Community Initiative, RDCan opportunity for her and her daughter to spend time together partnered with The WRENCH to offer adult bike programming.while learning a new skill.More than 30 participants attended the Learn 2 Ride program, Bike Mechanics course, and a Leisure Ride Club. Kevan is new to Canada and wanted to learn how to ridea bike to explore his new community. After completing the Learn "There are so many benefits to biking," said Melissa Brown,2 Ride program, he joined the Leisure Ride Club and went on a 17 Community Support Supervisor at RDC. "It\'s a great way to getkm ride! exercise, it has environmental benefits, it\'s a low-cost form of transportation, and so much more." Gina immigrated to Canada from Italy in 1957 and spent35 years working on a cargo ship. As a child raised during the war, To help adults feel more comfortable on two wheels in theshe never had any toys or a chance to learn to ride a bike. She Learn 2 Ride program, The WRENCH instructors startedwatched her grandchild riding a bike and wanted to learn at the participants on bikes with the pedals removed to practice theirage of 83! Gina attended the Learn 2 Ride program twice a week balance. Once they developed confidence, instructors added to practice her skills.the pedals, and the group was off to the races! Participantsleft the program with a bike and helmet to keep. LRSD also piloted the Bicycle Education Skills Training(BEST) program with Grade 6 to 8 students at Lavallee School, Many participants shared inspiring storiesVictor H. L. Wyatt School, St. George School and cole throughout the programs: Varennes. Students learned to ride safely on the road andin the community as part of the physical education curriculum.Jubril, a newcomer to Canada, secretly participated in theLearn 2 Ride program. After gaining confidence on two wheels, he surprised his kids with his ability to ride.Shi-Ann joined the Bike Mechanics course with her teenage daughter to learn to fix her children\'s bikes at home. It was also Our hope is that community members will continue using their bikes and that cycling will become a part of their lifestyle. Melissa Brown, Community Support Supervisor29'