b'DOLLARS & CentsThe Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) Board of Trustees approved the 2022-2023 budget on March 8, 2022."While building this budget, we were inspired by our Multi- The budget includes additional classroom staff representingYear Strategic Plan and lessons learned from the pandemic to572 full-time equivalent (FTE) educational assistants and protect and bolster core investments," said Louise Johnston,1,143 (FTE) teachers, including principals and vice-principals. Chair of the LRSD Board of Trustees. "Our focus aligned closelyBased on the projected enrolment, the average class size in with what we heard from our community, including maintainingkindergarten to Grade 3 will be reduced from 20.5 in 2021-or reducing class size and continuing our commitment to 2022 to 18.9 in 2022-2023. The average class size in Gradesdiversity, equity and inclusion while also navigating a number 4 to 8 will drop from 23.3 to 22.6. In high school, the teacher-of cost pressures."to-pupil ratio will remain at 19.8 in French Immersion schools and 22.8 in English schools.Additional staff will support:The expansion of Full Day Kindergarten to five schools for a total of nine schools Investments in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) and Anti-Racism Services Increases in enrolment with the emphasis to maintain or reduce current classroom sizes "Our data, as well as research we see nationally andTo prioritize adding more staff to the classroom and addinginternationally, emphasizes the need for robust programmingFull Day Kindergarten in five schools, 6.93 FTE divisional in early years, including Full Day Kindergarten," said Christiancoordinators and consultants will be reassigned in theMichalik, Superintendent. "Our hope is that we can eventually2022-2023 school year.offer this program to all students beginning their learning journey in LRSD, but for the time being, we\'ve added it to"Although this budget includes important investments, the schools based on the socio-economic needs of the community."funding received does not keep up with inflation or recent wage settlements," said Michalik. "Difficult decisions to reassign The budget also includes a $936,958 investment in new dollarsdedicated and valued staff were made to reallocate dollars for to support Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism Services.smaller class sizes, additions to the Full Day Kindergarten and This money will support programs including ASPIRE, CATEP,investments in DEI. It is important that our community know the Ren Deleurme Centre, Peaceful Village, a new Communitythat the current work of these individuals will continue in a Kitchen, anti-racist practice, enhancements to the Ojibwereimagined way." Language program, and a review of curricula and policies.As always, the division will continue to monitor the impactof these adjustments.12'