b'Message from theIndigenous Education as part of her portfolio. Her wealth of knowledge will also help guide our collective journey moving forward. Superintendent The Celebration of Indigenous Culture and Community in LRSD compliments other foundational publications such as our annual report to the community and our Multi-Year Strategic Plan. Our goal is to celebrate the Indigenous Weve created the Celebrating IndigenousLearning Teams accomplishments that have continued to grow since LRSDs Culture and Community publicationinception in 2002 the same way we recognize other stories of success, to offer a glimpse into the valuedinspiration, and innovation. This publication is also a testament to the Celebrating Indigenous Culture and Communitycommunity of educators we call thecontributions of staff, students and community members, too.Indigenous Learning Team. Our Indigenous Learning Team, our Scholar in Residence, and our ICGG inspire and strengthen LRSDs They are a team of staff and community members that offercommitment to a renewed relationship guidance to all of us in the LRSD on our journey of truth andwith Indigenous learners, families, reconciliation. I cherish the time I get to spend with Frank Deer,staff and the broader community. our Scholar in Residence, who has been advising us on all aspects of education since 2016. Im also deeply honoured byI am excited about building a deeper the opportunity to seek advice and knowledge from the eight 7 relationship with our ICGG, as they 34 exceptional individuals who have agreed to become ourare key to building collective capacity Indigenous Council of Grandmothers and Grandfathers (ICGG).and co-creating strategies to implement Starting on page 19, youll be able to find out more about thesethe Truth and Reconciliation individuals who will help us ensure the learning journey for allCommissions Calls to Action.students in LRSD is done in a good way.Each time we come together as a group and talk about improvingChristian Michaliksupports, outcomes and well-being for all students, I amSuperintendent and CEOgrateful to have their input, experience and understanding guiding our discussions. I am also thankful for Marlene Murray, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, who now has'