b'Manito Ahbee Aki Ojibwe Language Programming Manito Ahbee Aki is the first Minecraft teachingIn 2018-2019, the Ojibwe Language Program resource in the world that honours, celebratesconnected with 36 kindergarten classrooms and explores a Manitoba Anishinaabeand 16 Grade 1 classrooms. All students inThe work we do in community. Players in Manito Ahbee Aki,these classrooms spend 60 minutes eachIndigenous Education which translates to the place where thesix-day cycle learning Ojibwe words andis for all students. Indigenous students Creator sits in English, are transported toconcepts inside the school and outdoors usingcan see themselves Manito Ahbee, a site located in Manitobasa play- and land-based approach to learning.reflected in our schools Celebrating Indigenous Culture and Communitywestern Whiteshell area, before EuropeanIn 2019-2020, Ojibwe language was taught infostering engagement contact in North America. Members of the56 classrooms and 15 schools. in the learning process LRSD Indigenous Council of Grandmothersthrough increased and Grandfathers, along with Frank Deer, LRSDPowwow Club relevance to their own experience and culture, Scholar in Residence, and Knowledge KeepersBefore the official LRSD Powwow Club waswhile for other students from the Manitoba Anishinaabe community,formed in 2016, Hastings School had a groupIndigenous perspectives guided and informed the development ofof students engaged in Powwow dance. Theextend and enrich their the project. Manito Ahbee Aki allows playersdivisional Powwow Club took place at the Reneducational experience.to explore a fun and interactive world whileDeleurme Centre inside Lavallee School fromCorey Kapilikgaining insight into Indigenous teachingstwo to four times a month. Several schoolsPrincipal, Marion Schooland perspectives. This Anishinaabe digitalwere represented in this group of Indigenous world includes flora, fauna and locationsand non-Indigenous youth learning how to do18from Manitoba that do not exist in any othersomething that once was outlawed in Canada.34Minecraft property. The non-player charactersThe LRSD Powwow Club grew exponentially in in the game are also unique and are modelled2019 with more than 80 students participating. after Grandmother Chickadee, two LRSD staffIn addition to the Hastings School and Lavallee and three Anishinaabe Knowledge KeepersSchool clubs, Marion School became a satellite from Manitoba. space for all LRSD students to participate in powwow dancing. Windsor Park Collegiate also developed a space for high school students to join powwow dancing and also became the first space in LRSD to have a drumming group.'