b'Indigenous Enrichment Classroom Indigenous Parent ProgramThe interactive Indigenous EnrichmentIn partnership with school leadership and Classroom creates an engaging learningstaff across LRSD, the Indigenous Education environment for students and staff andteam is proud to offer the Indigenous Parent provides an opportunity to incorporateProgram (IPP) that is available every Tuesday Indigenous perspectives and ways of knowingafternoon at Marion School and every into the science curriculum. The classroomWednesday afternoon at Lavallee School. features a space for activities, a sharing circle,The program is supported by two cultural Celebrating Indigenous Culture and Communityand hundreds of Indigenous artifacts. In theIntegration Specialists/Community Support 2019-2020 school year, 177 classes participatedWorkers who provide a safe place where in a half-day of activities.families can meet and discuss issues around parenting. Staff are also available to help parents support their childrens successful Indigenous Human Ecology educational journey. Throughout the year, To gain a deeper understanding of theparents can participate in sewing, arts and importance of a field to fork approach to foodcrafts, and beading. They can also participate from an Indigenous perspective, LRSD hasin making traditional Indigenous clothing such launched the Indigenous Human Ecologyas moccasins, gauntlets and regalia. Families program at Windsor Park Collegiate. The goalcan also learn about cultural teachings and is to illuminate the relationship Indigenoushave received presentations from various16Peoples had with the land and the bountycommunity organizations. The IPP is accessible34it produced and to share this way of life andto all families across LRSD. Over the course of learning with all schools in the division. the school year, the program has more than 60 I feel proud to be a part of a school divisionfamilies from a variety of schools participate.that demonstrates its commitment to Indigenous Education through the actions it takes to ensure Indigenous Education is done in a good way and reflects Indigenous culture and practices. Bobbie-Jo LeclairIndigenous Education Consultant'