b'In 2019, the division was incredibly proudMembers of the ICGG visited schools across the division to announce that Pahan Pte San Win, Edto engage in conversations with students and staff about Indigenous ways of knowing and being. When school visits were Azure, Chickadee Richard, and Wanbdisuspended because of COVID-19 public health protocols, the Wakita had accepted our invitation toICGG connected virtually with more than 1,000 students and Celebrating Indigenous Culture and Communitybecome members of the new LRSDstaff to provide support and encouragement.Indigenous Council of Grandmothers andThroughout the school year, the LRSD Superintendent regularly Grandfathers (ICGG). consults with ICGG members to gain their input on how to improve equity, inclusion and well-being for all staff, students and families in LRSD. In 2020, we were honoured to welcome Sherry Copenace and W. Yvon Dumont to the ICGG. One year later, Jacinte LambertBefore the commencement of any divisional leadership accepted our invitation making her the eighth distinguishedmeeting, a member of the ICGG welcomes the group with an member of the ICGG. opening address that contains a teaching, story or sharing of knowledge. 21 These extraordinary individuals possess a wealth of experience, 34 knowledge and perspective that will help inform LRSD planningThis commitment to an authentic alliance with our ICGG and and projects. The ICGG comprises members who reflect fiveour diverse community helps ensure LRSD moves forward in a different Nations, including Mtis, Cree, Lakota, Ojibwe, Ojibwe- good way.Cree and Dakota First Nations.The ICGG works with students and teachers across the division to share traditional Indigenous knowledge in schools and classrooms. They also support the Indigenous Learning Team and divisional leadership by helping guide LRSD programming.'