b'Graduation PowwowThe LRSD Powwow graduation event began as a dream, but quickly became a reality. Now students of all ages can take part as dancers and graduates.Since 2016, a dedicated group of divisional staff led by Corey Kapilik, principal at Celebrating Indigenous Culture and CommunityMarion School, with support from Coco Ray Stevenson, a community leader, have come together to ensure the authenticity and spirit of a Powwow was honoured. The number of participants has increased each year with more than 100 Indigenous and non-Indigenous students entering the Powwow during Grand Entry in 2019.Indigenous Education 15 Community Council34 The Indigenous Education Community Council is made up of students, staff, parents and other partners in education from across LRSD. The goal of the Council is to build a community that will walk alongside the Indigenous Education Team and help guide them in their journey to support schools. The Council meets three times a year to review and discuss Indigenous Education programming and initiatives in LRSD.'