b'Louis Riel School Divisions Scholar in Residenceommunity Celebrating Indigenous Culturiewbook 20e and C20 LRSD Indigenous VFrank Deer currently serves as the Louis Riel School Divisions Scholar in Residence and is developing work that is germane to Indigenous education. Frank consults on administrative issues, provides professional development and supervises teacher candidates in LRSD. Frank is an Associate Professor of Education, Canada Research Chair, and Member of the Royal Society of Canada. Frank also works 3134 in the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba. Frank 18is Kanienkehaka from Kahnawake, a community that lies just south of Tiotiake in the eastern region of the Rotinonshonni We live in a country for which the needConfederacy. Frank holds an earned PhD in Educational to understand the Canadian IndigenousAdministration from the University of Saskatchewan and is experience is essential to learning. As wepublished in the area of Indigenous education. Frank conducts contribute to the development of childrenresearch on Indigenous language education and Indigenous and youth in becoming knowledgeablereligious and spiritual orientations. He has previously and critical members of the body politic,experience as a classroom teacher in northern Manitoba and in indigenous issues, histories and experiences are crucial.Winnipegs inner city.Frank Deer'