b'W. Yvon DumontIn 1993, Yvon Dumont became the 21st Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba and the first Mtis person to hold a vice-regal office in Celebrating Indigenous Culture and CommunityCanadian history. Yvon became involved in the Manitoba Mtis Federation in 1967 and became its Director for the Interlake region in 1972. He was chosen as the Executive Vice-President of the Federation in 1973 and served as its President from 1984 to 1993. Yvon was also a founding member of the Native Council of Canada in 1972 and served as President of the Mtis National Council from 1988 to 1993. He has participated as a representative of the Manitoba Mtis Federation at Canadas First Ministers Conference and has 27 been actively involved in constitutional debates concerning First 34 Nations and Mtis peoples. Yvon has rejected the integration of Mtis services into larger Indigenous institutions, expressing concern that Mtis distinctiveness could be lost.Yvon has also been a municipal councillor in St. Laurent and was on the Board of Governors for the University of Manitoba. He received a Manitoba Mtis Federation Award in 1993, and a National Aboriginal Achievement Award, now named the Indspire Awards, in 1996. He also received a honourary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Manitoba and Brandon University.'