b'Letter from the SuperintendentCelebrating an LRSD Milestone!A major milestone for LRSD wasimplementing our collective hopes andjourney that incorporates the concepts achieved in June 2019 as the Louis Rielaspirations for LRSD through to 2023. of Belonging, Mastery, Independence School Board adopted our 2019-2023and Generosity.MYSP. This plan articulates our goalsThe following pages articulate these for the next four years and serves asgoals and our collective commitmentsEach of the four strategic priorities our navigation system to a thriving andto achieve them as we journey togetheris supported by a series of strategic Christian Michalik flourishing future. over the next four years. We havegoals to build and nurture a sense of expressed these outcomes in the formcommunity and ownership for students, I am proud and excited to share thisof four strategic priorities that centrestaff and parents/guardians. The document with the broader communityaround the notion of building andgoals are worded to suggest a theory so everyone in LRSD can learn aboutnurturing culture. of change that describes how we will what we aim to achieve by 2023 andachieve our strategic priorities.how we plan to get there. Strategic Priority 1: Creating a Culture of Equity and Inclusion The next step in our work as a Our MYSP was built from the input weStrategic Priority 2: Creatingcommunity will be to develop and received through a series of interactivea Culture of Learning and Well- implement the strategies to achieve Thoughtexchange consultationsBecoming the strategic goals and to identify the with the LRSD community. We askedStrategic Priority 3: Creatingtargets to measure achievement.learners, staff and families whata Culture of Inquiry and LRSDs best future looked like to them,Responsibility As our MYSP makes clear, each one of and 5,910 participants shared 7,486Strategic Priority 4: Creating aus plays a vital role in supporting our thoughts and offered 202,229 ratings. Culture of Caring and Collaboration growing divisional community of more than 15,500 thriving learners and 40 The themes that emerged from these It will become evident that our fourflourishing school communities.exchanges allowed us to consider thestrategic priorities parallel the many voices that make up the LRSD quadrants of the Circle of Courage, an community and engage in groupIndigenous-inspired whole-learner conversations about visioning andframework for a holistic learning 7'