b'Letter from the ChairOur new Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP) is a bold, visionary, and comprehensive roadmap for the future of the Louis Riel School Division. It illustrates what our community can expect and what all learners willexperience as they journey from kindergarten to Grade 12.As Indigenous culture and teachingsOur community can continue to look continue to guide many conversationsforward to regular, thorough and and decisions in LRSD, we looked to thetransparent reporting as we journey to Sandy Nemeth Circle of Courage and how its principles2023 together in support of our more of Belonging, Mastery, Independencethan 15,500 thriving learners, their well-and Generosity create a whole learnerbecoming and success.approach to education. By applying these principles to our MYSP, we, as a community, are able to collectively create a four-year plan that supports and nurtures a culture of learning and well-becoming, inclusion and equity, of caring and collaboration, and inquiry and responsibility.The Louis Riel School Board takes great pride in sharing our MYSP with our community. Creating this vision for the future was a collaborative effort with the LRSD Senior Leadership Team, who are an incredible collective of passionate individuals dedicated to ensuring LRSD continues to flourish. 6'