b'STRATEGIC GOAL 3.1STRATEGIC GOAL 3.2 STRATEGIC GOAL 3.3All learners will demonstrate the aptitudes,All staff will demonstrate that they are All parents/guardians will demonstrateskills and knowledge to be autonomous andmembers of on-going cycles of collaborativesupport for Strategic Priority 3 and contribute confident in their innate ability to achieveevidence-informed inquiry to improve to a culture of inquiry and responsibility in goals and become life-long learners.practices and systems.LRSD. We will achieve this by: We will achieve this by: We will achieve this by:enhancing a student-centred and strength-basedstrengthening experiential job-embedded profes- sharing and promoting Strategic Priority 3 with approach that ensures student feedback is spe- sional learning models such as the Personalizedthe community to gain their understanding and cific, personalized and relevant, achieving theProfessional Learning initiative and The Writingsupport;impactful differentiation as described by JohnProject to enhance collective teacher capacity; supporting all community members data literacy;Hattie (2012), beginning with teachers knowing,ensuring all teachers are part of on-going cycles ofhelping parents/guardians understand and value for each learner, where they are in relation to thecollaborative evidence-informed teacher inquirystaffs professionalism and LRSDs collaborative success criteria; to refine or rethink instructional practices thatinquiry cycles aimed at improving staff practice, ensuring learners have a clear understanding ofsupport student learning; systemic structures and student learning.the learning intentions and success criteria so thatdeveloping a cycle of multi-year norming studies they become assessment-capable learners (Frey,for literacy and numeracy in early, middle and Fisher and Hattie, 2018);high school to support the collaborative inquiry encouraging student-centred and strength-basedcycles;assessment practices as well as designing learn- strengthening the Leadership Teams collectiveing opportunities where learners use goals andcapacity by consolidating its learning inquiry results to fuel their own learning (Frey, Fisher andcycles using the Learning ConversationsHattie, 2018);Protocol developed by educational psychologists, building learning structures that empower learn- Steven Katz and Lisa Ain Dack, and guided by sys-ers to self-monitor and adjust their pace and path,tem-level and school-level leadership frameworks thereby becoming self-guided, self-efficacious life- established by Dr. Leithwood, a renowned educa-long learners (Almarode, Fisher, Thunder, Hattie &tional researcher;Frey, 2019). extending the experiential job-embeddedprofessional learning model and cycles ofcollaborative evidence-informed inquiry to allstaff in all departments;aligning budgets with strategic priorities and goals;enhancing all staffs data literacy. 17'