b'STRATEGIC GOAL 4.1STRATEGIC GOAL 4.2 STRATEGIC GOAL 4.3All learners will demonstrate care and All staff will demonstrate care and concern forAll parents/guardians will demonstrateconcern for others and their natural environ- others and their natural environment, so theysupport for Strategic Priority 4 and contribute ment, so they feel safe to take risks, sharefeel safe to take risks, share successes andto a culture of caring and collaboration in successes and failures, and learn together.failures, and learn together.LRSD. We will achieve this by:We will achieve this by:We will achieve this by:sharing and promoting Strategic Priority 4 with providing all learners with opportunities to workproviding all staff with opportunities to workthe community to gain their understanding and collaboratively to demonstrate citizenship, com- collaboratively to strengthen our collective support;passion, cultural awareness and sensitivity; efficacy to provide all learners with opportunitiescreating a collaborative learning culture where ensuring all learners feel valued and contributeto demonstrate citizenship, compassion, culturalall members of the LRSD community feel safe to their voice and agency; awareness and sensitivity; take risks, share successes and failures, and learn valuing diversity and varied world views; ensuring all staff feel valued and contributetogether;providing all learners with opportunities tothrough their voice and agency; strengthening generosity and caring for all demonstrate concern and care for the naturalvaluing diversity and varied world views; members of our community through the removal environment by co-creating a comprehensive K-12building capacity and co-creating strategies toof barriers for all learners that will allow them to climate-science-informed Education for implement the TRCs Calls to Action; thrive and communities to flourish;Sustainable Development initiative. co-creating a comprehensive K-12 climate-co-creating strategies to implement the TRCs science-informed Education for SustainableCalls to Action;Development initiative to research, develop andco-creating a comprehensive K-12 climate- implement real-world sustainable developmentscience-informed Education for Sustainable solutions. Development initiative to research, develop and implement real-world sustainable development solutions.19'