b'STRATEGIC GOAL 2.1STRATEGIC GOAL 2.2 STRATEGIC GOAL 2.3All learners will demonstrate evidence ofAll staff will demonstrate greater collectiveAll parents/guardians will demonstrateimproved achievement, engagement, andefficacy, capacity and well-being.support for Strategic Priority 2 and contribute well-becoming as critical-thinkers, We will achieve this by: to a culture of learning and well-becoming in problem-solvers and communicators.LRSD. We will achieve this by:co-creating and co-articulating a K-12 learningWe will achieve this by: journey that values relevance and creativity as co-creating and co-articulating a K-12 learningmuch as rigour and accountability; sharing and promoting Strategic Priority 2 with journey that values relevance and creativity ascreating professional learning structures thatthe community to gain their understanding and much as rigour and accountability; nurture trusting relationships and create opportu- support;strengthening pre-school partnerships and struc- nities for meaningful collaboration; nurturing community connections that buildtures, early years programming, and play-basedpromoting participative decision-making thatcommunity partnerships and parentalinstructional practices; genuinely empowers staff and fosters collectiveparticipation to co-create a culture of learningadvancing deeper-learning, project-based, prob- efficacy; and well-becoming in LRSD;lem-solving and career-focused middle and highsupporting cycles of collaborative inquiry thatencouraging a shared vision of the future that school instructional practices; lead to student, staff and system improvements; focuses our aspirations for learning and well-deepening inclusive instructional practices; integrating the latest cognitive science researchbecoming in LRSD;enhancing and modernizing learning environ- into our collective practice; developing systemic approaches to promote and ments in our schools; innovating and applying the use of technologies tosupport our families journeys of learning and innovating and applying the use of technologies tosupport learning and system improvements; well-becoming.support learning; developing systemic approaches to promoting developing systemic approaches to promotingand supporting our staffs health, well-being and and supporting our students health, well-beingwell-becoming.and well-becoming.15'